"Water To Wealth" Revolution: "Hydrating The Nation"

We Are "Hydrating The Nation" One Family At A Time and Turning "Water Into Wealth"!

"Hydrating The Nation" Webinar

Most people hydrate with sodas, diet sodas, coffee, tea, juices, sports and energy drinks, and bottled water with no idea that these drinks do not properly hydrate the body and could lead to very serious health problems. The quality of water you drink does matter.

God created our bodies to be 70 to 80% water and our blood, brain, and all other vital organs are 80 to 90% water, therefor, the environment we create in that body of water is directly related to our health. You are only as healthy as you are at the cellular level and the most serious diseases start at the cellular level and are silent.

Alternative drinks generate over 100 billion dollars a year in revenue! If the human body is not properly hydrated, it will crave things other than water, but if it is properly hydrated, it will not crave and can function much more effectively.

Our mission in our "Hydrate The Nation" campaign is to penetrate 1 to 2% of the US population. In this "Revolution", we will teach millions how to properly hydrate, thus saving lives and changing many lives financially.

We invite you to join us in our effort to "Hydrate The Nation"!

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     April 4th and 5th

President and CEO, Ron Howell, VP of Sales, Ken Marsh, Dr. Bobbi McAuliffe, and Xooma's Top Leaders and Money Earners

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  • "All my life my cholesterol has been an issue(always above 200). In Nov 2011, a cholesterol check read: 264, HDL, LDL readings out of balance. I was told by my doctor that my cho..."
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  • "We started sampling these products with people about a year ago. I saw my father's blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol all come down to a normal range. I had light acid..."
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  • "I was introduced to Xooma Worldwide by my friend Kyle Smith. Over the past 10 years, I have watched as I literally gained weight each month. Diet after diet failed and I figured..."
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